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Wicks Family Crest

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The Wicks’ Family Crest represents a uniform symbol of our heritage. We are an African descendant clan that bears the slave owners’ name Wicks. Through day-light, sun, and night-time stars, we strive in all directions for a unity that has been lost in time. But under the watchful eye of God, and our fore-fathers, we continue to strive for unity as a family because only then can we call this land home.

The African-Egyptian Sphinx represents our fore-fathers of old. It has long been considered one of the seven wonders of an ancient world. The Sphinx was selected to represent the Wicks fore-fathers (Ned, Dennis Sr., Elijah, Dennis Jr., Ned Jr., and Sally) because it symbolizes silence, wisdom, strength integrity and endurance. These are the elements that have allowed us to join together as family.

By Victor Wicks

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